First Impressions

I’m desperately trying to find something to write about for my first blog posting on CW, I went through several drafts in my head. They mostly all start with: What writers should know; the rules for a writer; the most important things to remember as a writer. But then I think: ‘Hell, who am I to say what writers should do?’

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a guideline which, if you followed it just right, it would make you or magically transform you into a writer? Wouldn’t that just be cool?

I suppose that if you studied Creative Writing you could call yourself a Bachelor or Master or PhD or whatever in Writing, but you can’t really call yourself a writer with a straight face without considering that most people think a writer is someone who gets paid to write or gets paid for what they have written. I’m not sure how that works, are journalists also writers? Translators, they would also be writers, how about someone who comes up with a really good catch phrase for a new product?

At the end of the day, a writer is someone who wants to call themselves a writer. That definition satisfies me. It will become a ‘slut’ term, which then would carry no prestige at all anymore. I can almost imagine going to a party and saying ‘So what do you do?’ and the other person will say, rather embarrassed: ‘I’m a writer’, then I’ll say ‘oh isn’t that an admirable profession.’

Just the same kind of thing I get when I say I’m a teacher, I know what they are thinking when they say that admirable crap, believe me I used to think the same thing: ‘Oh my God, a teacher. You probably didn’t manage to get a real job, so you are stuck teaching,’ the closer you get to teaching in high school the bigger the insincerity.

Sour much? You must be thinking. But somehow both things are connected in my brain. If I go to a party and say I’m a writer, they’ll think I’m pretentious if I’m not famous; if I say I’m a teacher they’ll think I’m pathetic. Sometimes I really, really would just like to lie, not a subtle lie, but a real big one and say that I studied something I would never have studied, like political science or calculus. I’d say snootily “Oh well I’m a professor in quadratic educational space engineer.” I don’t think that exists, but wouldn’t that be impressive?

Have to be a writer
However, I think of writing all day long. I wake up wanting to write and during the day I daydream about stories anecdotes (leaving space once in a while for one of my neurosis to kick in, and freak out).When I chat to people I find small talk close to impossible, I’m so caught up in listening to stories and thinking of writing them, that I forget to provoke in the other a story telling moment (for either of us) so I end up asking yes/no questions. The dreaded first impression dead silence with accompanying cricket chirp and dust devil ensues.

After that short tangent let me return to my point made earlier: I can’t help but be a writer. I eat, breathe and sleep writing, reading, watching and thinking stories. I have to be a writer, there is no way out. It’s my compulsion, addiction and necessity. I write therefore I exist. Is it just me? or do I sound extra smart with my allusions to philosophy. Look at me I like to read (pat on the head for me, from me). But who cares, anyway, if you got the allusion you are smart too! (pat on the head for you too).

Ok, so as far as first impressions go this is mine, I tend to make terrible first impressions, but I’m great at interviews for some inexplicable reason I turn into a really good small-talker (if that word exists). Anyway, continue to read the Blogs, we’ll keep you updated and you’ll get to know everyone at Cecile’s Writers!



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