Sand Castles

I’ve been eying the social media suspiciously for some time now. It’s not that I mistrusted it, or found it technology overwhelming; I just wondered why I should bother with facebook, a blog and twitter. I wondered why people would waste their time writing and sharing ideas which, once ‘published’, were unreadable because no one could find it again in the vastness that is internet.

For me, therefore all these blog entries, posts and tweets seemed nothing more than grains of sands. Together they form an endless array of sand dunes which is both impressive and beautiful in its enormity, but who sees the individual grain of sand once it’s reached the desert?

Wind called Google
As a web journalist, I know that it’s all about getting your grain of sand, preferably by strategy rather than chance, to be picked up by the wind called Google Search. But even then, what kind of effect could if have? The grain might fly into someone’s eye and with any luck it will either bring him to tears or irritate him, but eventually he’ll swipe it out of his eye and forget about it.

There are probably also a lot of people who don’t only want to be heard but who also hope that an oyster will pick their grain and turn it into a pearl and make them lots of money.

Writing stories
But I now realise, it’s not just about being heard. It’s also simply about writing. For years I’ve been writing stories, almost all of which I’ve never even attempted to get published. Do these stories have less meaning because they’ve never been read?

So, I began thinking: should I bring my own grains of sand to the desert? I may have been hesitant to play in the sand box, but I sure don’t want to watch from a distance while the others play.

I’ve grabbed my bucket and spade. I’m ready to begin making sand castles.



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