Overcoming Writer’s Block

It has been weeks, months or even years and the only thing you have written is the shopping list? Writer’s block (WB), the evil demon has crept up on you in the night and seems to have moved in with you for good; the house guest from hell. How do you kick the big bad WB out of your head?

It’s not easy, but it can be done! And this is how:

First of all, you have to remember that you are writing because you like writing. Write for you and no one else. In case you are your worst critic, write to someone else, someone who will think anything you write is wonderful.

Second, write what you know, or be what you write. If you don’t know anything, and you think you have to write what you know, then write what you wish or imagine you want to be.

Third, sometimes a shopping list is the only thing that can keep you going. If in the event of extreme white page phobia, look around your house and write a list of what you would like to change, or buy, even if you have no money, this list is to remind you that you can write, even if it is a list of things you don’t have; you still have imagination. And hell, writing is writing, right?

Fourth, and this is my favourite, read. Anything you read will ultimately help you on your way to becoming a writer, or writing something. If you are not up to reading War and Peace, or Shakespeare, go read a magazine, research is research however you put it. A bad book tells you how you can write better, a magazine is a great source for getting a reader involved from the first sentence. And a good book might inspire you later on when you realise you could write something similar. It is still the process, it is also writing.

Fifth and last, if none of these tips has helped you yet, tell yourself a story, however ridiculous, using a writing prompt. You don’t need to write it down. If you are out of ideas, remember a dream and tell someone about it. Pretend you are somebody famous being interviewed, what kind of questions would you get asked? Where would you give the interview? Who is your agent? Who is the interviewer? Anything, any story, anything imaginative, even a lie can help you dispel Mr. WB.

In the chance that you have not managed to solve writers block, don’t despair: it’s only temporary. Take a breather, do something else, the writing will come when it comes. You are after all a writer, aren’t you?



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