Writing prompts

As Sofia suggested, prompts can be a great help in overcoming Mr Writer’s Block. I selected a couple of my favourite sites offering prompts that might help you out when you’re running low on ideas. They are not only helpful when trying to get rid of Mr WB, they’re also great fun when you’re on the train and realise you’re book is still at home.

Creative writing prompts
This site offers over three hundred topics and assignments to choose from. This is my favourite site. Just move your cursor over a number and the assignment or situation appears.

Creativity-portal 365-picture prompts
I try to visit this site daily; unfortunately it hasn’t become part of my daily Internet use yet. This site offers a new picture a day, but if you miss one it isn’t possible to see it unless it returns again next year. It is possible to look up who the artist was and go his or her website to have a look.

Writer’s Digest
This site gives an elaborate choice of prompts with clear assignments. If you have a topic in mind you want to write about the site offers a search engine to make it easier to find a suitable one. The engine does give any result in which the word occurs even when it is part of a different word altogether, like “catch” while I was looking for prompts about a “cat”. Thanks to this I did get some surprising results I wouldn’t have read otherwise.

Until this week I had never visited this site before. The reason why I found it was because I was looking for groups to follow on Twitter – another thing I had never visited until this week– and found several groups offering writing prompts on a  daily basis. This site also has a Facebook page and an app you can download for your Smartphone.

This list is far from complete, so if these sites aren’t what you’re looking for you just search for “writing prompts” or “creative writing prompts” and you’ll find many more websites offering ideas for scenes and short stories.

Good luck!



2 thoughts on “Writing prompts

  1. Wow, this list is great! I love the 365 picture idea! I’m definitely going to be sure to try some of these out. Thanks so much, I’ve been looking for writing prompt sites, but every time I google it, I get awful results, or none at all.

    1. Glad to hear it. If you’re looking for other sites try the keywords “creative writing prompts” that should do the trick 🙂

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