Keeping Track of your Reading

Despite the busy time of the year, I still find the time to read once in a while. To keep track of my own reading activities, I used to use an Excel file. In it I indicated which books I had read, which ones I still had to read and which ones I wished to purchase. I had two sheets: read and to-read. Besides the columns of Title and Author, I added the date I started reading a book and the date when I had completed it. I even added the book’s genre. It worked just fine until the computer crashed and I had forgotten to make  a back-up file somewhere. Ever since, I’ve just trusted my memory on what books I had read and which not; until a few weeks ago, when I was introduced to the the website goodreads

All the things I had once included in my Excel file are offered by this website and more. Basically, it keeps track of the books you’ve read, the ones you’re currently reading and which ones you still want to read. You can invite friends and follow their choice of books and compare which books you have in common.

Organising the books is quite simple. You can create shelves and categorize your books on genre; indicate when you started and finished reading and share your opinions on the books with other readers.

Following your friends’ reading habits and books still to read (you can even indicate whether you have your own copy or not) can help you find a suitable birthday present, for example. And it is a lot easier than keeping track of the information on Excel files.



2 thoughts on “Keeping Track of your Reading

  1. Goodreads is spectacular. It’s got its shortcomings, of course, but it’s really useful, and it’s helped me get back to reading real, physical books, rather than just blogs and fanfiction and things.

    I used to track what I’d read in a notebook–can’t find it now. I used to use an Access database I cooked up, but I don’t have a copy of Access, anymore, so that’s out. I hope that Goodreads at least gives us some warning if it’s going to vanish. I don’t want to lose the list, again.

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