Writing Mojo… Lost

It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog entry. Even worse, it’s been so long since I’ve done any kind of creative writing.

The drought started with a month long trip to Australia. I dragged my laptop across the continent, but only started it up to check my emails. I was much too busy enjoying my time there and I ended up not writing. Back home, I didn’t get back to writing for several weeks due to illness.

When I finally felt better and was physically able to get back to writing, I somehow did everything except writing. I thought about writing and about how I should get back to it, but I never actually sat down and wrote.

And so, in total more than ten(!) writing-free weeks have passed by. I have to face the fact that I have completely and utterly lost my writing mojo. The important question is: How do I get it back?

I desperately want it to return.

Step one
I am a deadlines person. I need that first deadline, which will make me write and, hopefully, break through the wall that is stopping me from writing. My fellow Cecile’s Writers can help with this, since their disapproval of my not writing a blog entry for so long is enough to get me writing.

I know this entry is not an inspiring piece of writing, but it’s a fresh start. I want the next blog entry to be on how one can get their writing mojo back. Perhaps someone – anyone – has some tips for me in the mean time?



3 thoughts on “Writing Mojo… Lost

  1. I’d be amazed if there’s a writer out there who’s never experienced this… I like to pick up one of my favorite books (yes, there’s many, but I mean my real favorites) and start reading it. This reminds me of the drive to want to achieve what such authors have achieved, to touch someone through the written word. Alternatively, what also gets me going again is clearing my head, looking for and focusing on a new idea, anything I find interesting or inspiring, and then think how I can make it into a story. When the light bulb flashes, I sit down and start writing.

  2. I know that feeling all to well. I going through something similar. What I usually do is start writing about what I’m doing at the moment. What I wish I were doing. Simple things that get me back to writing. So as soon as I have a bit of time this weekend I should be spending some time on writing. I’ll probably need someone reminding me, though 😉

  3. I know what you mean, when it happens to me I stare at a blank page and everything I seem to want to write just doesn’t seem as good as when I was not on ‘hiatus’. My tip is to read a really bad book, that almost always does the trick for me. I end up wanting to write something because I think: ‘hey I can do that better’. When that doesn’t work I read one of my favourite writers and remember just why I want to be a writer.

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