Vanessa’s Top 3 for 2011

I once again haven’t read as much as I’d wanted to this year. No matter how much I read, my ‘must read’ list is always longer than my ‘have read’ list. But enough moaning. Of the books I did read in 2011, these were my favourite (in no particular order):

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
After seeing Spirited Away I became a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki. I watched as many of his films as I could lay my hands on. Howl’s Moving Castle was an instant favourite. I love the story of the young girl who is bewitched into an old woman and the only one who can help her is the feared wizard Howl who lives in a moving castle at the top of a floating hill.

I saw the book tucked away on Cecile’s bookshelf and was surprised to find out that a Brit wrote the book because the story seemed so wonderfully foreign to me. (Coincidently, when I found the book, Diana Wynne Jones had just died on the 26th of March 2011). The book is written beautifully and it’s no surprise that Miyazaki was inspired to animate it. If you’re a fantasy lover, all I can say is: read it!

We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Schriver
I was given this book as a birthday present. I began reading it, without even reading the back cover, so I had no idea what I was in for. After reading it, I immediately wrote a blog post about it, which will give a much more detailed description about why this book is on my favourite list of 2011.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
I’m guessing there’s no need to introduce this book. I think everyone knows of it, even if they’ve never read it. There’s a long list of classics that I’ve never read. I make myself read these every so often. Sometimes I’m deeply disappointed, but that was certainly not the case with To Kill a Mockingbird. Nothing portrays the stupidity of racism and discrimination as well as the innocent perspective of a child. Its theme is as relevant now as it was when it was published. A wonderful book. I can’t believe I left it for so long before reading it.



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