Kreativ Blogger Award

Our thanks

Cecile’s Writers would like to thank Jeanette at for passing on to us the Kreativ Blogger Award. Jeanette has a lovely blog where she writes about all kinds of thoughts and experiences she’s had in life. Her topics are diverse and some are bound to put a smile on your face or leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. She also writes eloquently. So Jeanette, keep up the great work on your blog.

Sh… don’t tell anyone

In the tradition of the Kreativ Blogger Award, we will each mention a few things that no one knows about us:

1. Sofia says: I learned to knit (and crochet) gloves this christmas (in an insane attempt to knit some as a christmas present) by watching youtube videos.

2. Sofia says: I like peanut butter and cheese sandwiches but only when followed by a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

3. Sofia says: I once read a Latin-English dictionary for fun, but I can’t seem to remember what that was about.

4. Vanessa says: My iMac is called Sabriel and my MacBook Lirael. A tribute to The Abhorsen Chronicles by Australian author Garth Nix.

5. Vanessa says: I’m still waiting for the day that brown sugar and cinnamon Pop-tarts are sold at Dutch supermarkets.

6. Vanesa says: When reading Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, I skipped almost all the chapters about Konstantin Levin.

7. Cecile says: I tend to get attached to things as soon as I name them (Take the microwave, for example, which 2 weeks after her christening, is now up for adoption and I kinda feel sad about it.)

8. Cecile says: When I really love a book or film I can reread and rewatch it several times in a row. It might be even considered to be an obsession. (My latest one is the new BBC series about Sherlock Holmes).

9. Cecile says: When writing, I can’t stand writing with anything else other than a fountain pen, since my handwriting looks awful when I use ballpoints.

10. Samir says: I studied French and forgot all of it. I studied Spanish and forgot most of it.

11. Samir says: I’m generally a healthy eater but, once in a while, I love a juicy burger with extras.

12. Samir says: I’m impatient, but I hide it well.

And the award goes to…

While there are many wonderful blogs out there that we read and follow, we can only select six to pass on this award, so here they are (and in no particular order): – The aim is to write 12 novels in one year while blogging about the experience. Insightful and honest. – Fun and informative blogs on all kinds of personal things from the author. – Great blog about Fantasy by a fantasy author. Detailed and accurate all the way through. – Cool site about editing, proofreading etc. Great concept. – A creative soul telling it like it is. – Food for thought, on writing and reading.

Thanks again to Jeanette and to everyone who reads and follows our blog.


6 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. The English-Latin dictionary is incredibly interesting if you view it from the perspective of knowing the author’s personal backstory. Great post, keep up the good work. J.

    1. I think it is just that I love words, and one day looking for the etymology of a word I ended up not being able to put the dictionary down, I never knew a dictionary could be that interesting, or that so many words in English and Spanish have so many Latin words in common.

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