Awesome Blog Content Award

Our thanks

Koutney Heinz passed on the ABC Award to Cecile’s Writers. We’d like to thank you Kourtney for liking our blog enough to do this and for thinking of our content as awesome. We also think your blog has awesome content and enough variety and insight to keep us coming back. Fellow bloggers, if you haven’t seen Kourtney’s blog yet, give it a go:

A, B, C… Z

The A to Z that describes us:

  • After Eight (Cecile)
  • Border Collies (Cecile)
  • Clumsy (Cecile)
  • Determined – to find out what to do with my life before 30 (Cecile)
  • Enthusiastic (Cecile)
  • Flan O’Brien (Cecile)
  • Gregarious (Sofia)
  • Honest (Sofia)
  • Instinctive (Sofia)
  • Joking (Sofia)
  • Keen (Sofia)
  • Lame – at finding adjective to describe myself (Sofia)
  • Magical creatures (Vanessa)
  • Never-ending Story (Vanessa)
  • Onomatopeia (Vanessa)
  • Persistant (Vanessa)
  • Questant (Vanessa)
  • Reminisce (Vanessa)
  • Scribble (Vanessa)
  • Tolerant (Samir)
  • Updike, John (Samir)
  • Versatile (Samir)
  • Water (Samir)
  • Xmas (Samir)
  • Yogurt (Samir)
  • Zen (Samir)

Other awesome blogs

We’d like to pass the ABC Award to the following:

Cricket Muse

Jeannette Monahan

Debz Hobbs-Wyatt

Year Struck

Moving Forward


While many may attribute such Awards as a chain link (and they probably are), the fact remains that something holds value if you attribute it that value. For us, the value is in the acknowledgment given and passed by fellow bloggers, which is appreciated because it shows that there is substance to the content of our blog and that followers enjoy reading and discussing this content.

We hope that other bloggers feel the same way about peer recognition and content appreciation.

Cecile’s Writers


3 thoughts on “Awesome Blog Content Award

  1. Wow! Thanks for the Blog Content Award. I so enjoy your content as well–it’s vitalizing and inspiring. Writers need new perspectives and all your contributions create a well-rounded blog post.
    Happy Pages,

  2. Love your A to Z. 🙂 Thanks for the lovely shout out! I like your perspective on blog awards. They can be viewed as chain link, but I prefer to think of them like you do as peer recognition.

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