Cecile’s Writers is always looking and interested in fresh ideas about writing. Today I read Marc Schuster’s “Using the Elevator Pitch for Editing” and found his view very insightful. Hope you enjoy!

– Cecile

Zapateria: The World of Zapatero

Anyone who’s been in the writing business for a while knows about the elevator pitch. It’s the super-short version of the book you’ve written, the single sentence you’d use to convince an agent or editor to give the manuscript a read if you happened to be stuck on an elevator together — or, as is more frequently the case, when you’re allotted two minutes to chat with an agent or editor at a writers’ conference.

Needless to say, learning to craft a strong elevator pitch is essential in marketing a book-length manuscript. It not only gets your foot in the door but also forms the basis for what, if you’re lucky, eventually becomes your book’s marketing campaign. That blurb on the back of the book? The pithy description of what to expect? Often enough, it’s pretty close to the author’s original pitch. And the first line of that description is…

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  1. Hi Kourtney,

    My thoughts exactly. Until now I only used the elevator pitch at work, teaching others how to use it as a tool to introduce themselves etc. Never thought about using it for my stories. 🙂

  2. Great reblog choice Cecile. I really enjoyed Marc’s post. I’ve also found drafting the synopsis and query and elevator pitch before the book helps me keep the book on track. Because from day one I know the heart of the book. 🙂

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