Blog Posting Frequency, Anyone? (Part 1/2)

I have an attraction to the Internet (some would even call it an addiction), which I find necessary in order to blog. I often look for answers on the Internet about what to post, how often, or how to show that I have posted. Cecile’s Writers blog is fairly new so our followers are not really in the thousands. I look at my stats page at least once a day (and if I post then several times a day, which makes me feel the way I used to when I met a guy and waited for his phone call). I can still remember the first 100 hits on the blog – it was exhilarating.

How much is… enough?

At the moment, I’m having a problem with blog frequency, how often should I (or Cecile’s Writers) post?

I have to confess that until I started blogging, I had not read any blogs or followed anyone who had a blog. Now that I have one, I do wonder why I hadn’t done it before. It is just about the most exciting thing I have come across on the Internet. It is better than Twitter, Facebook or Skype. Although comparing the blog that way does seem unfair since I have a love/hate relationship to social media, while I just have an obsessive relationship to blogging. Blogging is more polite and it reaches more people outside my social circle. It reaches people interested in my posts and it reaches fellow writers and/or editors.

Let me explain my dilemma with posting frequency. When I started blogging, I did the required ‘how to blog’ research. The advice was to read blogs, comment and like other blogs and that way, you attract people to your blog. Apparently most blog readers are fellow bloggers. So far so good, logical. In order to understand why people blog you have to be a blogger yourself. I do wonder if there are people outside the world of blogging who are not my family and friends that read my ranting on the Internet. If you are one such individual, I would love to know why you read blogs and do not post yourself, write me a line, I’m just really curious.

I started reading blogs and I found that a lot of people have really neat things to say. I also found out that you can blog about anything and that there are certain sorts of blogs that are less attractive to me… to each his own, I suppose. I tend to read blogs about 2 or 3 times a week and I like to post about once a week.

Quality or Quantity?

Each morning my inbox has about 40 or more unread emails, most of which are new posts from bloggers I follow. I often open the ones whose titles jump out at me (this is also the way I read blogs on the web). It might seem unfair and I might loose a couple of followers with this admission. But bear with me a little while longer, I cannot read everything on the Internet and I think that others might feel the same way. I do not feel hurt if you throw away my post unopened in your inbox since my blog that day may just not be eye-catching enough.

Then again, my frequency of reading and posting has steadily increased. Who is to say that I might not end up posting every day and reading so many posts that I would even go to the bathroom with my PDA just to catch up on my reading.

I tend to subscribe to the quality rather quantity idea. I could post whatever comes to mind (I sometimes do) but I put quite a bit of thought into my posts, and they are edited. The more I write, the more I find that I have more to say. Writing is usually like that. But as Ursula K. Le Guin said in an interview with Bill Moyers on the movie version of The Lathe of Heaven

“…so I sit around and wait, as it were. My jobs, when I’m not writing, like this period in my life. I finished a couple of novels. I just have to wait for the well to refill.” (min. 13-56-14’08) ( )

 I, too, need time for ideas to brew, to sit and ponder and get inspiration. Waiting to post is essential if I want to write a good post. Sometimes, though, the more I wait, the less I have to say, and the less ideas I have, the less inspiration I get. It is a tight rope to walk – a thin line between waiting for inspiration and missing your queue.


(Part 2 will be posted next week where I’ll argue the flip-side of all this.)


20 thoughts on “Blog Posting Frequency, Anyone? (Part 1/2)

  1. As a reader, it’s hard for me to keep up if people post more than 2 – 3 times per week, which is what I also tend to do when publishing my blog posts. Once a day is too much.

  2. I am having a break from posting at the moment so I can work on my WIP, but I am still reading around my favourite blogs. I usually post once a day but one day I made 5 posts. OK, I admit I was trying out the scheduling thing and got it wrong and posts I wanted to appear on the following few days all bunched up together on the same day. Funny though….I had over 1000 hits that day so it says something about frequency.

    For the most part, I post when an idea comes my way and I like to read blogs that do the same thing other wise it feels contrived.

    1. I think breaks are also important, get that well filled up! I’m going to write about frequency and numbers for the second part, a sneak peek: frequency is proportional to hits, so your experience seems to conform with the theory. Good luck with your blog-break, and may the well fill to the brim 😀

  3. I like to post at least once a week, but it tends really to be driven by what else is going in my life; if good ideas have occurred to me, or questions I’d like to discuss with fellow bloggers, then it can be more often. But I definitely appreciate quality over quantity. 🙂

  4. Just a thought, rather than receive 40 emails, are you using the wordpress stream that consolidates them into one? I find this helpful and less overwhelming to receive one email summary of all the blogs I read.

    I aim to post once a week, I read and hope to read a book a week, and thats the only challenge I have set, I enjoy reading other blogs and writing one, but don’t wish to get too busy with it as it eats into the time when I could be writing, but in a way it suits me because my free time is quite a random thing given I am self employed in two different jobs and have a family.

    I think over time we find a balance, what suits us personally – there are many versions of that out there, but I’m looking for something that will endure, so while its ok for me to dive in deeply to begin with, I know it will smooth out into something that has its place alongside all the other activities and responsibilities and joys I maintain in my life.

    1. I honestly didn’t know the email summary existed, it sounds like a very logical idea I will implement as soon as I can figure out how to do it 😄 Thanks for the tip!!!
      I like the falling into a natural rhythm that suits. Starting out with a framework and letting things fall into place. Thanks for commenting!!

      1. If you go to Dashboad, Blogs I Follow, you can set the delivery frequency then if you click on settings, you can also choose the time of day you want the email to arrive (having selected whether its daily, weekly or immediate). You can also change the default (which is currently set to immediate).

  5. I write because I want to write, when I want to write and then impulsively hit publish. The rest doesn’t matter.

  6. I know that the bloggers guide says that you should post regularly or not at all but I can’t seem to keep to a rhythm. If I haven’t posted for a week I get in a bit of a panic and then write something quickly. This week I have posted three times just because I saw things or did things that I wanted to post about. Then there are regular things that I do like the Jazz Club visits that I really like to post about. If it is just something I have seen there there might be less than 100 words.

    I could make this same comment on your other post about whether blogs should be long or short. It depends what I have time for and if anything has excited me like a Hoopoe in the garden.

    I don’t know anyone outside my family and friends and other bloggers who read blogs per se but if I google something and a blog comes up then I will read it, I can’t be alone in that. I can also see that other people google things that bring them to my blog. It might not be what they expected but they came and looked all the same. I wrote a Slut’s guide to housework and that gets a lot of hits from searches related to the word ‘Slut’, I hope the readers are not too disappointed.

    1. Hi,
      Posting is sometimes just about what you are in the mood for. I also tend to panic at the weekly mark, I think in the end I might just be a weekly poster after all. You might find the second part of the post interesting; it’s due in a few days. I actually wrote these posts the same day as the word count blog post, and delayed the submission since I was going to take a little break from the blog, perhaps that’s why you could have commented the same on the other post, they are in the same kind of topic 🙂
      About the ‘slut’ word in your blog post, I believe Samir has the same with his post “Sex and The Written Word”. It does get quite a lot of hits too. You never know, someone might go from looking for sex related topics to something a little less R rated.

  7. This is interesting, Sofia, since I just challenged myself to post every weekday in May in an effort to get the writing gears moving. I agree with you, though. My best work is done slowly, so I’m not sure how it will all turn out. I’ll be looking forward to your next post. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jeannette Monahan! Thats really nice to hear 🙂 Sometimes challenges also make the gears run, if not faster, more frequently. I’ll be reading your weekday posts, good luck and how are you doing it? Got topics prepared or are you going to wing it?

  8. Hi Sofia,

    I set myself a minimum of once a week. I occasionally post twice a week, but it really comes out of the time I use to work on my novel, and it is a distraction, mostly because I really enjoy it–for all the reasons you just stated so eloquently. I will post today, because it has been 6 days, and I made the commitment. It does take me a while, because I feel strongly that I want to keep up the quality of writing–not just toss something out there for the sake of posting. Thank you for asking this question, and making us think!

    How are you doing? How is the wee one? Are you both settling in to this new shared life?

    1. Hi Naomi Baltuck, That’s really nice to hear, I struggle to find a balance between writing on a schedule and writing when I feel like it. Sometimes, I need to give myself a limit, Much like, at least post once a week or once every two weeks, just like you. Because when I don’t then the need to blog seems to disappear.
      Vanessa and her baby are doing very well, taking a bit of a break at the moment I think, but I’ll pass on the message, she’ll love to hear a you wondered about her 🙂

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