Blog Posting Frequency, Anyone? (Part 2/2)

In part 1, I discussed blogging frequency and quality vs. quantity. I concluded that waiting to post is essential to me, so I can have the time necessary to think and get inspiration. After asking myself the blog frequency question I went online and did a bit of research, and here’s what I found.

The Other Side of the Coin… Go for it!

Further research on blog posting frequency encouraged me to flip the coin on my argument. Cecile’s Writers started this blog because we wanted to attract people to our magazine (one of the rules for writers: world marketing – yes writers need marketing even though it might just be about the last thing on your list when you think about writing).  Marketing is a fickle B!‡c#, and to get readers and hits, you have to publish preferably one or two times a day. (That’s right, no typo, you read that correctly a day, even 3 or 4 times if you can!) The more hits you have, the more Internet space you occupy, then the more readers you are likely to have. Blogging is like newspapers, to have a following you have to have loyal readers who want information; that’s what Susan Gunelius ( on ( says. You are not going to have a high frequency of readers if you do not post frequently, they conclude. I gasped when I read this. Have I been deluding myself after all this time? Should I have posted every day? (I cannot even manage to post everyday on Facebook). So the answer to marketing for Cecile’s Writers is blog everyday.

Wait one second… Hold Back

However, the advice of Jennifer Beever (, a marketing consultant, is that if you become an expert, you can get away with posting once a week. Here quality versus quantity counts, but as also says, growth of readership is probably also going to be more slow. But I would assume more steady and less fickle than the marketing ploy, which is blown up as full as an air baloon and as soon as you miss one day you probably loose much of the readership.

Somewhere in the Middle?

Now, Heidi Cohen ( mentions that you can post whenever you want to, but take into account that “it’s important to deliver content on a recurring schedule to encourage regular reading habits.” I totally agree with her, and of all the blogging frequency advice, I find hers to be the most sound. Instead of explaining it, I will let her say it:

Depending on your goals, this may not be optimal for your blog. If you’re looking to grow your readership or business, Hubspot’s research showed that you’ve got to blog two to three times a week to gain traction. While blogging multiple times a day yields higher results, blogging two to three times a week yields most of the benefit. Further, it’s critical to ensure that your audience is interested in that quantity of content.

Thank you Heidi, now I get it!

 Drum Roll

Thus, Cecile’s Writers need to blog frequently. For me personally, I post once a week and if my fellow writers do the same, plus the occasional guest post, then we have enough posts a week. Hopefully, we have a reasonable balance between quality and quantity.

So how often do you blog?



27 thoughts on “Blog Posting Frequency, Anyone? (Part 2/2)

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  4. Great post! I’ve read the same thing about blogging often in order to gain a following. So I’m making myself post every week whether I feel like or not and I’m not at all happy with my last two posts. I don’t think posting often is going to work for me, I re-read my last two posts and it just seems like I didn’t quite make the point I was aiming for.

    1. Hi Stacy,
      To me, linking or being satisfied with what a post influences my posting frequency too. Sometimes it is just about posting when you have inspiration quality versus quantity. But sometimes you just have to trudge through if you want to post once a week, even if it is to post a re-blog, quote or book review. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for mentioning me, Sofia. I think the blog post frequency also depends upon your industry. I just spoke on a panel with a blogger who is a polymer expert (plastics). He blogs once a week, and because not many other polymer experts are active in social media and blogging, his content is at the top! But, as a marketing consultant, I’m seeing marketing firms that are blogging once a day or multiple times a day. Their frequency helps them bubble up to the top. Look at the frequency of top bloggers in your industry and then decide how much you are capable of!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer your blog post really put things into perspective for me. Cecile’s Writers’ blog is growing, compared to a year ago, i think we have had steady increment in blog posting frequency, so maybe in a years time I might be posting more regularly than now 🙂

  6. It depends on what I’ve gone going on. Sometimes I will post a few times a day, small things ( I don’t do long posts, they just aren’t me ) and then sometimes I will have nothing for a few days. I think if I write to a schedule it wouldn’t be the “musings” that is it. If something pops up and I want to know opinions, I will write it then and there and that can happen a few times a day or once a week.

  7. I post 4 days a week. I used to post 5 days, but I felt like it was too much for my readers. I try to keep them short too since I post more frequently.

  8. Twice a week. I do my best to put in quality material that is helpful, original and interesting. My readers are coming from about 30 countries, so I like to make my posts as unique as possible and share tidbits that readers won’t always know, especially if they’re from other countries.

  9. I’ve been posting quite a bit recently for the Blog Me MAYbe challenge, but that’s because I currently have a lot of time on my hands. Usually, once a week is about all I can manage–not even that with my other blog, that is going to end up nonexistent soon, I think. And keeping up with all the blog reading…whew. It’s hard. But so worth it.

    1. It certainly is, with blogging you see remuneration with even the slightest work you put into it. Now that you are posting more and working more on blogging, are you seeing it reflected in your stats?

  10. I know several bloggers who post two or three or four times a day, but the danger of that is that people who are pressed for time, as most of us are, will tune you out. I follow quite a few blogs, most of whom are following me. I can’t afford the time to read more than one post per blog per day, although most of them don’t blog every day.

    I try to post once a week, occasionally twice weekly. I keep the posts short, entertaining, and visually appealing, and strive for consistent quality rather than quantity. I feel honored each time someone takes a moment from their busy lives to visit, and pleased to know that they care enough to leave a comment, but whether giving or receiving, twice or thrice weekly is plenty for me.

    1. I agree, in the end posting is just what you make of it. I really like the give and take of blogging, whether you blog, a little, a lot, or just enough it seems like you can find an audience and a stage for all kinds of frequencies in posting. Cheers!!

  11. I try to blog once a week but hate doing it. Blog every day? Forget it. What about the time it takes to read blogs as well as writing them?

        1. Congratulations on being published (almost published?) Hmm, the price of being published, but there must be something you like about it? or perhaps you can start a blog on how much you don’t like it, I’m sure that might appeal to some reader. For me it started out as a means to an end, promoting a literary magazine, but the more I do it the more I find I like it. It started out sporadic and had grown into a more weekly affair. But then again I loved all aspect of writing until I had to write essays for university, it was like chewing nails and and then concluding I had to swallow them whole. Perhaps it’s that they just told you you ‘had’ to write a blog every day to promote your book, anyway, congratulations and don’t give up on blogging it might just grow on you.

          1. Self-promotion, there’s the rub. It gives such a frantic feeling to everything. Much better to do something for its own sake. Though I confess I am starting to enjoy blogging because of the people I’m meeting. It took a while.

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