ChichiKir has an insightful blog I follow regularly. The latest post is about artists and their need to hang in there when it all seems so futile.


“Success is a continuing process. Failure is a stoppage. The man who keeps moving and working does not fail.” Ray Bradbury

What if you keep working and moving and writing and nothing seems to work for you, nothing changes in your life? On the contrary, everything fails. Do you still continue? Rejections, disappointments, worries of all sorts, like health or financial worries, never seem to cease. You sit at your desk to write and you have so much to say yet you still can’t produce a single paragraph. What next? Do you still keep on doing the same thing in much the same way? Or do you stop, turn the corner and decide to change your path. But how many times does one have to change paths in one lifetime? What if you believe deep in your heart that there’s no other path for you other than the one you’ve…

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