Imaginary Invention Wish List

For Every Penny…

How nice would it be if you could put some coins into a vending machine and then instead of getting chocolates or a can of pop, ideas jumped into your head? The proverbial bulb would light up in a single burst of incandescence and… voila: instant inspiration.

Magic Pens

When I’m out of ideas for too long, especially when it comes to writing, more specifically writing on a certain topic, I start thinking of the inventions in books like Rita Skeeter’s (the reporter who hates Harry Potter) fabulous pen that writes what she thinks. That would be so cool, save the fact that Mrs. Skeeter tortures Harry Potter with it. Imagine if there were something like an app that could resemble aforementioned pen, then you’d have to connect your brain up to a computer and…. Come to think of it, that’s scary. Maybe the Skeeter pen’s not such a great idea.

Of Muses and Whatnot

The next one isn’t technically an ‘invention’ in the sense that it’s not a machine or implementation device. I’m referring to Steven King’s muse – the fat man in a suit smoking a cigar who he imagines as a businessman he negotiated with. Very bureaucratically, you make a deal with him. Steven King must be a great negotiator since he’s always writing, right?

I imagine my muse more like the ghost of Christmas present from the movie Scrooged (1988), with Bill Murray. Played by Carol Kane, with her sweet voice and bad temper. (If you don’t know Bill Murray’s movies, that means I’m way older than you. But you should see that movie as well as Groundhog Day (1993) and Lost in Translation (2003) and… okay, I’m a Bill Murray fan). So this Carol Kane looking muse with her fairy wings, would whack me on the head (ouch) and tell me to get on with it and then: inspiration, yay!
It would be great if the idea vending machine, magical pen and the  fairy muse with a bad temper really existed.
Do you have a wish list of any imaginary inventions, people or anything similar to help you write?


9 thoughts on “Imaginary Invention Wish List

  1. I have as a creative writing prompt for my students to devise an ATM that dispenses a commodity other than money. I try to prod them towards abstract concepts like understanding. Ideas would be handy. What about talent, like playing the harmonica?

  2. The muse is something that comes and goes so often, I jot down any ideas she brings and file them away for the future. Everytime I finish a manuscript, I get to pick up one of those ideas and play around with it. See if it has the potential to be a short story or a novel. Having that file full of ideas helps me finish each book and know I’ve got a next idea in the vault. 🙂

  3. You know, sometimes it’s so hard to think of an idea worthy of writing… But on the other hand, my mind gets literally flooded by ideas that it’s extremely hard to find enough time to make the eventual post worthy of reading… (I have the problem of getting involved in too many activities… I need to learn to deal with it myself.)
    Anyway, reading the invention list of yours, an idea for an app came to my mind. Mind you, I have no idea at all how, technically, it could be achieved.
    The idea is to have a blank page in which you can write a word. Then clicking it, other words associated with the original one would appear thus giving you a jumpstart perhaps… (Us, I mean…)
    Good luck hunting ideas!

  4. I do have an imaginary invention. You know those gumball machines that give you little toys in a ball. Only instead of the toy in the ball, you open it up and it’s a brilliant plot. Like a fortune cookie only with out the sugar.
    My muse is a ghosty 17thc figure. She’s not a great talker but she points a lot with withery fingers.

  5. The only machine I need for writing is my brain, and it works really, really well. Judging by the number of story ideas and WIPs I have piled up, it works *too* well.

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