One Award, Two Awards

Two Lovely Awards

We received two awards during the past two months. So it’s high time to acknowledge them. Jilanne Hoffmann nominated us for the “Tell Me About Yourself Award” and Amy nominated us for “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”.  We are honored to be chosen by them. Their blogs are great and you should check them out!

While writing blog posts is fun, they lose a bit of its purpose without readers. So thank you all for continuing to read us here at Cecile’s Writers.

I’ve combined both awards into one post the rules are similar. For the “Tell Me About Yourself Award” I need to tell seven things about myself, and for the other award I need to tell five things about myself.  I’ve decided to tell seven things about myself and a couple of things about us as a group.

So here goes:

1)     I love to travel, but I’ve never travelled south further than Barcelona or west further than Ireland. Stockholm has been the most northern destination I’ve been to and as for the east… I suppose it would be East Germany.

2)     I really love to drive. It has turned into a real addiction. I just learnt earlier this week that parking here in The Hague doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, which leaves me dreaming aboutwhat kind of car I’d like to own. The idea of being free to go wherever I’d like is very appealing.

3)     Besides writing and reading, I love to sing. Last week I participated in a Scratch performing Mozart’s Requiem. It had been a long time wish to sing this particular piece and last week I did so with about 600 other singers. A spectacular experience, the next project is Handel’s Messiah in London (with at least twice as many singers. So cool!).

4)     I tend to do things, make decisions etc. without thinking them through. Like my unprepared hike through the country side of Hastings last year. I was really excited to be tracking down weather beaten signs, but had I known that the total distance was over 30 miles I would never have started. I remember those last two miles were a living hell and getting to Battle turned into a real one. (And no, I didn’t finish. In the end we walked about 20 miles or something but it felt like a lot more.)

5)     Although I don’t think things through, I can, on the other hand, go wild over thinking simple things. It happens often enough that I need to stop climbing the stairs simply because I’m thinking about what I’m doing.

6)     I like churches, the buildings I mean. I’ve got my questions about the people running them but I’m not going to go into that. The buildings and the art and symbolism that they contain fascinate me. They often inspire me to write, luckily not about the church or their art.

7)     I like shooting photos. I use them as prompts whenever I’m stuck in my writing. I’m still dying to write a story about this picture. But I haven’t thought of anything. If it triggers you to write a story then I’d love to read it!

Now for some info about our group

8)     We can have extremely long meetings. Of course we need to do an awful lot, but we also have a lot of fun. I think that’s one of the most important things we need to have at all times to get the work done.

9)     We all sometimes feel like we need an extra life. One for the daily chores: going to work or studying or sporting etc. And one for the work on the magazine.

10)  We’re working hard on our blog and on the magazine that it is difficult to find the time to do some writing of our own.

That about sums is up for now.


And the nominees are…

We’d like to nominate the following bloggers for “Tell Me About Yourself Award” :

The Writing Aficionado

The Same Old (New) Song

The Hyperteller

Reading and Writing

Will Hall’s Life in Books

And we nominate the following bloggers for “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”:

Chi Chi Kir

Graham’s Crackers

Word by Word

Bon Photage

Millie Ho


6 thoughts on “One Award, Two Awards

  1. Congrats on the two awards ! I love religious buildings–they are beautifully crafted. 🙂 It always amazes me how much care and workmanship was put into the details of each place.

  2. Thank you for nominating me! Now I have something to write about for tomorrow’s post 😀 Also, I’m the same regarding a love of churches (the buildings). I used to live in Winchester – that’s a great place for church lovers; there’s about ten of them, plus of course the cathedral.

  3. Hi Jilanne,
    thanks for nominating us 🙂 Singing with so many others was really thrilling! Too bad it took only 45 minutes to perform. We did sing in a church so during the rehearsals there was plenty of time to observe it. 😉

  4. The idea of singing in such a large group, especially those specific works, gives me goosebumps. What a thrill! I have a similar ambivalence about churches: love the architecture, question the purpose of religious leadership. Thanks for responding!

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