On My Summer’s To-Read Shelf

Although I have to wait till the end of summer, I can’t wait to go on holiday. One of the highlights of my summer holidays is getting the chance to read more. No obligations and out in the sun, preferably next to a pool.

Three books on my list this summer are:

1. The Girl Who Played With Fire – Stieg Larsson
This is the second book in the popular Millennium Trilogy. I read the first book in this Swedish series at Christmas. Since then I’ve been waiting patiently for the second book. You see, my mother bought all three books and they’re being passed on through the family. It’s finally reached my home but I still have to show a bit more patience as my husband got a hold of it first.

GoodReads rating: 4.15/5

2. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky
On IMDB I saw that the trailer of a movie staring Emma Watson that is coming out in the Netherlands this fall- The Perks Of Being A Wallflower:

The trailer intrigued me and I thought as it is based on a book, which had raving reviews on GoodReads.com, that I should read it before I see the movie.

GoodReads rating: 4.10/5

3. Like Water For Chocolate – Laura Esquivel
This book was recommended to me by Sofia ages ago and I think it’s time that I actually read it. Amazon.co.uk describes it as follows: “The number one bestseller in Mexico and America for almost two years, and subsequently a bestseller around the world, Like Water For Chocolate is a romantic, poignant tale, touched with moments of magic, graphic earthiness, bittersweet wit – and recipes.” That tasty description, together with Sofia’s recommendation, should guaranty a good read.

GoodReads rating: 3.85/5



One thought on “On My Summer’s To-Read Shelf

  1. that’s a good list! I’ve read Like Water for Chocolate (in English, can’t remember if it was written in Spanish originally) and really liked it. I had seen the movie first which always makes the reading experience a little different (definitely see the movie after!). I’m adding The Perks of Being a Wallflower to my reading list, thanks! The movie trailer looks good too 🙂

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