Snow White and the Huntsman, Three for the Price of One…

I like pop culture. I’m always ready to read the next YA book, watch the next up and coming tv series, and I really like going to the movies. I can turn off my literary/intellectual inner critic (the one that took literature and film criticism) and happily watch 100 First Dates or read Twilight and The Pretties or Cosmopolitan and InStyle magazines. I also have a healthy appetite for newsletters. Heck, one of my favourite movies is The Day After Tomorrow, and I’ll even watch a Hallmark movie when I’m in the mood.

So I awaited the movie of Snow White and the Hunstman eagerly. The trailers seemed fascinating and the cast seemed great. As soon as it showed in the theatres I went to watch it. I still can’t descied if I was slightly over- or under-whelmed. The movie had three separate plots but then I realised the script had three separate writers. And it seemed likely they had divided the movie into three parts and each had written one part of the script without consulting each other.

The first part of the movie was great, there were hints at the (in)sanity of the queen, and how the magical forest might or might not be just a fungus spore induced hallucination. So far so…excellent! Then things went a bit wonky.

The second part was Snow White becoming like The Lord of the Rings: there were dwarfs, hunky men with swords and a baddy in a tower. Ok, I could role with that, I wondered how they were going to tie in the weird hallucinations of the queen, but I was willing to just take it all in.

Then the third part, What the..?! Snow White goes to the crusades and enters Narnia. The allusions to Christ were thinly veiled; she walked on water and then she rose from the dead, only to slay the queen and live happily ever after.

When the credits started rolling I was totally dumbfounded. I’d just watched a potentially great first third of a movie, followed by a mish-mash of the past 5 years of cinematic summary, followed by the weirdest Christian allusions I’d ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against any of those themes, ideas or allegories. What I’m a bit confused about is why make three different movies and stick them together like a very strange non sequitir collage?

The thing is, I started watching the movie as a writer. I had no problem with the director or the editing, the actors were great, the cinematography was incredible, the location was astounding. The story…. well lets say that I haven’t acquired a taste for it yet. And that made me want to cry a little, it could have been such a great story. Actually, they were 3 good stories but once put together, they were supremely disappointing. I wanted to like it but I simply could not get past the writing.



6 thoughts on “Snow White and the Huntsman, Three for the Price of One…

  1. My expectations where never very high, but still I was looking forward to this movie as well. I agree with you that the moviescript tried hard to become something wonderful, but managed to miss every opportunity to make it so. The scene that really hurt me, leaving me to feel very awkward after (and during) was when Snow White just rose from the dead and give some speech to the gathered crowd. It just didn’t make any sense. Something about embers burning everywhere and flame… I wanted to go over to her, and ask her to sit down and have a drink, for she may have had a concussion.

  2. Hi Sofia,

    I’m like that. If a movie is really great, I will forgive what I consider writing flaws, but as a writer, I tend to be analytical of the writing. If a movie is good enough to pull me in, I will set aside the inner critic and enjoy the ride.

    1. At the end of the day it is a good movie that makes you forget to analyze, even if it is a movie you like and you personally found good because you were not inclined to analyze it.

  3. Interesting review, Sofia. I wanted to see the movie but didn’t get to it. Now I’m glad, and I will wait for it to come to pay-per-view. You can be sure I will be considering your commentary as I watch it. 🙂

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