A Piece of Art

Before I left for my holidays, I wrote a blog about what to do when the shelves no longer have enough space to bank all the books.

I got some really cool ideas in reply. Turning books into shelves is one I’m actually considering. The only problem is that I’m one of those people who always end up needing the book that’s playing shelf and since I’m not an immediately-clean-up-after-using person – the books will probably spend more time on my desk than on a shelf.

I thought the idea of turning your staircase into a bookcase was quite brilliant too, except I don’t have a staircase – what a shame!

Now what would happen if I’d keep buying books without getting rid of any of them? I found my answer last night as I made my way to the station. It held my attention for quite some time and made me miss at least one opportunity to cross the busy junction. (My phone never co-operates when it has to to take a photo.)

This vomiting building is part of the museum Meermanno, a museum dedicated to books. (And lucky me it’s right around the corner. The moment I moved here I decided I had to pay a visit but till today I haven’t done so.)

I’d like to think this will happen to me one day  if I keep on going with storing books. The inside of the room must be like Uncle Scrooge’s money bin but instead being filled with money it will be filled with books. (It probably won’t be very suitable for diving or swimming though.) It will take some extra years before I can have this result. And I’m not sure my friends and family will let it come to this either.

Curious about the construction, I went back the following day to take a closer look. From close up it became clear that the books were glued to each other and bound to a wire construction. There was no sign what the flow of books was representing and I wasn’t in the mood to pay a visit to the museum. From the website I learnt that the latest exhibition is about art objects made of books. So that’s another thing you can do if you don’t know what to do with your books. Turn them into a piece of art. But I recommend only to use books you’ll never regret gluing to other books or perforate so as to bind it to a wire.

Since I can’t bring myself to write my name inside a book, the chances of me gluing and perforating them are slim. So the most sensible thing for me to do will be creating more space by adding more shelves (either made of wood or book) and giving books away.



3 thoughts on “A Piece of Art

  1. I can’t imagine piercing a book or gluing a book or in any way defacing a book. It makes for an interesting image, but I’d like it more if no books were harmed in the creation of the art. 🙂

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