Reblog: Tomcat on Peter Stothard and Why Blogging Is Valuable

With all the hoopla following Peter Stothard’s comments about bloggers destroying literature and ruining literary criticism, Tomcat offers an excellent counter argument and explains further the fallacies of Stothard’s viewpoint.

tomcat in the red room

Urch. So, the Chair of this year’s Booker Prize has made a contentious statement to the media about book bloggers – just as the Booker winner is due to be announced.  Right on cue, really. It’s almost as if he made the decision to declare his controversial opinions just as he’s about to enjoy his big Booker-judging moment in the sun, to ensure a couple of extra column inches are dedicated to a prize that many argue is becoming less and less relevant year on year. Almost.

I say “almost”, in fact I have very little doubt that his comments (or the timing of them, at least) don’t constitute a PR strategy to get his name and his prize into the papers and onto blogs.  This being the case, I really shouldn’t rise to the bait and write about what he’s said. But fuck it; I’ve been so irked by…

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