Writing Strategy

Lately I’ve been busy with all kinds of things but writing hasn’t been one of them. Finding little time at the end of the day, I’ve decided to do some writing in the mornings before setting off to work. This strategy seems to work for Samir, who gets up around five. As I’m not much of a morning person, I’m going to start at six and then see how that works out.

I’ll present the results of this strategy by the end of the week.

A Little Sneak Preview

Getting up this morning was a real crime. Mondays are already a challenge so I had set two alarms – just in case – and made sure my comfy bath robe was right next to me. I didn’t like the sound of the first alarm so I hit the snooze button. However the idea of more or less failing on the first day of my one week trial bothered me. So I got up and around 6.15 the computer was up and running. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can improve my time by 15 minutes.



9 thoughts on “Writing Strategy

  1. Oh my! I admire your decision and that you actually managed to really do it. Mornings are sacred to me, I must say. I would never ever, for any reason, sacrifice even one minute my precious sleep… I’m an “owl” kind of person (that’s what we say in Polish) so I’d rather do some work later at night. But nowadays it is only words as I find myself less and less capable of doing some harder or more intensive work…

    1. Hi Norbert, if I’m free to choose, I choose evenings and nights. Getting up early, especially before 7 o’clock, isn’t something I like doing. But since staying up late isn’t much of an option either – I still have to show up at 8 at work, awake preferably – I decided to give it a try. I’m gradually adapting to it. I hope to post my results of this week this weekend. Just need to see if that’s doable.

      1. I will follow your progress as this feat is truly out of the question for yours truly… 🙂 And I do respect your strong to experiment in this fashion. Good luck!

  2. I’ve had periods of getting up early and they really work for me, I wished I could pause the clock as 7am came round too quickly and then the household awakes. I’ve been thinking about re-initiating the 5am start, its the only way for me to add hours into the day and to dedicate them to writing.
    So what’s Samir working on, short stories or a novel??? 🙂

    1. I have to get use to getting up early. I really need at least 8 hrs. of sleep per day to be a bit productive 🙂 And now that the temperatures are dropping it will be even far more challenging to actually leave my warm and comfy bed.

      Getting up early is Samir’s daily routine, I believe he has always done so. And as for his writing, he’s working on short stories if I remember correctly.

  3. I used to edit on my subway rides and type changes at home after dinner. 😉 Or if I was drafting draft at night and give a cursory edit on subway and write onward the next night. So not an AM person.

    1. That’s exactly why I enjoy my train journeys. Unfortunately, I hardly see the inside of train these day so I’m either have to use the early mornings or the evenings to some writing. I’ve tried writing at work, but that isn’t really working out either. Having to choose between morning and evening I’m clearly more a PM person 🙂

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