Prompt: u nd 2 spk d lingo or gt left behind

I came across the following infographic on on how texting has changed the way we communicate with each other. Eventhough acronyms aren’t a new part of our language, the way we use them in daily conversation is a new phenomenon. “text talk” has become integrated in our language that some of it is now included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

What does this mean for writers?

We now have characters that can text as well as talk. Therefore this prompt: write a short short story in which two characters are communicating with each other purely through text talk. Or in other words, write a piece of dialogue with text messages.

Hopefully it’ll be a fun exercise and good practice if you ever need it in a story. Because as the title suggests: U nd 2 spk d lingo or gt left behind. Do U Text?
Infographic ‘Text Talk’ from



5 thoughts on “Prompt: u nd 2 spk d lingo or gt left behind

  1. I text, but I use the same mistakes in my texting as my normal language. My language use is much worse on Skype where capitalisation and punctuation disappears. I’m 21.

  2. Oh no! I text a fair bit, but still spell and punctuate conventionally. It’s just as quick for me as that’s the way I think of language – it takes too long to work out a letter/number hieroglyph. I’m stuck in the Dark Ages clearly!

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