5 Christmas Story Prompts

It’s almost December and I smell Christmas. In the spirit of the season, here are 5 prompts that might help you find some inspiration in that most happy or sad, annoying, stressful and all around crazy Holliday.

 Stranger than fiction

File:Scrooges third visitor-John Leech,1843.jpg
Sometimes reality is so unbelievable that it’s stranger than fiction, what else could be more appropriate than reality based fiction.

Write a story based on your own Christmas gathering experience with a twist – lightly vail your ‘characters’ (friends and family) not only by changing their names but switching their gender.

Glorious food

Adriaen van Utrecht 001

Nothing says Christmas like the things you only eat at Christmas.

Write a story that only revolves around Christmas food.

Angels and daemons

Raphael - St. Michael Vanquishing Satan

I grew up in a Catholic country (Mexico) and as such, angels and daemons figure prominently on christmas.

Write a story about angels and daemons – that’s it, no humans.

The end is nigh

Aztec Sun stone depicting their concept of the universe

The Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world* on the 21st of december. What better time than to write an apocalyptic or post apocalyptic  story.

Write one that has a narrator that does not believe in the apocalypse even if (s)he is witness to it.

True Christmas spirit

Evening Skating Scene Sunset, Church Tower in Background by Boston Public Library
Some people love Christmas, it’s all about sharing, giving, eating and merrymaking, and some hate it, the endless shopping lists and lines, having to see family, or fake merrymaking.

Write a story where the main character hates or loves Christmas – the catch is, if you personally love or hate it, your character should be the complete opposite. Have the character go through something that convinces her/him that (s)he was right after all to love or hate Christmas.

!Felíz Navidad!

And a lot of writing to you all!


*Note: the Mayan calendar end-of-days prediction is highly speculative and very controversial. For a very good description about this, read summary on Wikepedia.

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