Fifty Shades of I’m Bored Already

Fifty Shades of GreyE. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey – This was the book of the year as far as hypes go. Naturally I got hold of a copy somewhere back in May last year. O.M.G this book made me angry. And not because I have anything against popular fiction or because I’m a prude or a literary snob (I read Twilight, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The DaVinci Code and The Celestine Prophecy, The Clan of the Cave Bear etc with gusto, and by gusto I mean the same way I  buy a box of Ferrero Rocher’s once in a while and eat them all by myself as I watch the latest RomCom).

I started to read it and failed completely. I’ve tried two or three times to read it again but to no avail. I want in on the mindlessly exciting book everyone is talking about. But if I read the protagonist being surprised at something one more time or feeling clumsy at doing something which isn’t even clumsy, I’m going to start crying, screaming or pulling my hair out in frustration. I might even do all three and in no particular order!

All this frustration and I didn’t even get to the naughty parts. Perhaps it was my inability to sympathize with the main character, or at her never ending surprise of ‘gorgeous’ men constantly falling over themselves for her. So, if you’ve read this book and enjoyed it, please, please and pretty please tell me how to read it and I will gladly give it another try (and I’ll even blog about it afterwards, of course).



21 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of I’m Bored Already

  1. My top tips on how to read Fifty Shades: (1) The best way to read this book is to skim it. 😉 (2) And pause at the good parts. (3) Then skim some more. (4) The pause at the good parts. (5) Try not to dwell too much on the heroine because she’s pretty much an idiot … er, I mean hopeless. (6) Try not to focus too much on Christian Gray either because too much scrutiny makes him annoying. That should get you started. 🙂

    1. Thanks Literary Tiger!! I hadn’t considered skimming the parts I felt annoying, I think I got caught up in the ‘why can’t I read this book’ part. I’m going to give it another try with these tips 😀

  2. Sofia, I know just what you mean. I too wanted to be in on the excitement. I didn’t know about all the hype as it hadn’t got to France at the time but I caught a conversation on twitter with two people going on about how great it was and how they wish they could be her and meet him. They continued this conversation each day. It was wonderful to be on the sideline. I downloaded the free part on kindle and couldn’t even finish that. I found the conversation about it more intriguing. I wonder how it will fare now it has been translated and come to France. Like Mari hype generally puts me off a book.

  3. From the beginning, the story of this book has hinged on two things… the apparent outrage that some people liked to read sexy books (and somehow this became the example) and then the subsequent “OMG erotica sells to the mainstream” kind of reporting. I haven’t read it, but the very fact that I wasn’t reading things that pointed to it as an example of erotic writing that was also exciting writing, good writing, suggested that giving it a miss wouldn’t be a great sacrifice. I fear I would have the same response you did. If the characters are not compelling, or at least interesting, I wouldn’t ever get to read about the juicy stuff.

    1. I’d love to hear your suggestions for a better read. I personally don’t shy away from books of a racier type. But somehow my expertise on the subject is towards the fantastical or magical, I am looking forward to something more towards general fiction, any ideas?

    1. Ok, this is probably the only reason to listen to the audio version of Shades of Grey, thanks for the tip, I laughed so much I even cried 😀

  4. Yes, you are more generous than i could ever be about this book. I find it difficult to read any poorly written book, including when I’m reading books to my son. Life is too short to suffer through poorly written books.

  5. a true triumph of modern advertising technology
    if you can sell this book you can sell anything
    so it will not be long before we all end up buying anything

  6. You are braver than me! A neighbor offered to loan me her copy of it but I must admit that there is something about things becoming a trend-or a rave-that makes them completely lose appeal for me!! Lol! I don’t know what it is exactly but the more I kept hearing about this book, the less of an urge I felt to read it. BUT if you do happen to “get into it” please do write a review, it may change my mind!! 😉

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