Dublin Writers Museum

My partner and I decided it would be nice to go away for a couple of days after the wedding. While Rome is romantic just like Paris, my Italian is non-existant and I can hardly remember anything from French. And the idea of the next couple of days is that we can relax. So I really don’t want to be bothered with translating what the menu says or what the guy behind the reception is desperately trying to explain.

London is the next possible destination. I love London; it’s becoming a tradition to go there at least once a year. But I want to be somewhere I’ve never been before. (I’m not high-demanding or anything.) So we decided to go to Dublin. And while browsing through the must sees and must dos of Dublin, my significant other discovered there is going to be a Magic tournament the weekend we’ll arrive. So he’s been teasing me that he’ll spend the Sunday playing games.

Seconds later, we came across the writers museum and I figured that while he’s playing games, I’ll spend my day at the museum. I don’t think it’s the reaction he had in mind. It’s very unlikely he’ll be playing Magic; however, I’m pretty convinced we’ll visit the Dublin Writers Museum.

– Cecile


2 thoughts on “Dublin Writers Museum

  1. I love Dublin home of Oscar Wilde and James Joyce. How could I have missed this museum? Thx for the info!

    1. Hi N@ncy,

      It was really lovely. There was a museum dedicated to James Joyce too. Haven’t visited it though. But I can certainly recommend the Dublin Writers Museum.


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