Cecile’s Writers Go Mini-Golfing

To take a break from editing the stories for the first edition of our magazine, Cecile, Samir, Vanessa and I went glow-in-the-dark-3D-mini-golfing, located near the beach. Yeah! And I have the photos to prove it.


A you can see from the picture below, I’m wearing a fabulous pair of 3D glasses, which combined with the glow-in-the-dark pinks, yellows and greens, made for a very psychedelic game.

Taking a break after the mini-golf adventure.
Taking a break after the mini-golf adventure.

We started off with some pictures:

Samir and Vanessa (I wonder if the knew they would win?)
Back light, makes teeth seem whiter.

But in my excitement during the game, I forgot to take some actual pictures of us playing. I did take some other awesome pictures with my phone…

oops no flash

…forgetting to switch on the flash, hmmm. As you can see, I’m an expert photographer,  using just the right angle to give everyone red-eyes.

After some competitive and intense mini-golfing, in the end the tally was:

And the tally is...
And the tally is…

……we left the score keeping and tallying-up to our resident mathematician (Samir) who suspiciously won the game too. But it might have been his excellent mini-golfing expertise. He left Vanessa behind by 3 points, me in 3rd place and Cecile in 4th (but that was due to hole #13, which was tricky and had a rotating squid). Maybe Cecile just let us win (since she’d gone mini-golfing a month before)?

After the game Cecile and Samir hadn’t had enough and played a game of Battle, basically each running around pressing buttons that would light up in their designated zones: Samir – green and Cecile – red.



Samir won again, by one point.

Then the best part: drinks at a beach house, a stroll on the boardwalk and supper at another beach house, where we finally had a chance to catch up on anything non-writerly nor magazine related.  We had lots of fun – very important – because all work and no play isn’t good for the CW editing staff.


And so we ended our adventure… tired, full and happy… renergized to start the last haul for our first publication.




4 thoughts on “Cecile’s Writers Go Mini-Golfing

  1. Hello everyone! You are cordially invited to “share your shelves.” Call of the Siren and I are asking folks to take photos of their bookshelves and post them on their sites so we can go blog hopping through each others’ books. If you post photos, please let me know at my blog, http://www.jilannehoffmann.com or at Nick’s Call of the Siren at http://nickowchar.wordpress.com/2013/06/13/show-us-your-shelves-plus-coming-soon-and-iain-banks/
    Hope you all can participate! Best, Jilanne

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