Discovering a Whole New Genre

Otto the Book BearI can’t wait till I’m able to read a bedtime story to my son. He’s just turned one and I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to read to him. If he’s calm enough, he’ll try to rip out the pages of a regular book (not because he likes to destroy it, but he simply loves the sound of ripping paper). And if it’s a cardboard edition then he turns the pages one-by-one as fast as he can (so I don’t have time to read it), or he wants to chew on the corners. I guess I’m just going to have to be patient.

I  already have an array of books from which to choose from, when he’s ready to listen. Most of them were presents. It’s opened a whole new genre for me – picture books, of which many I have never read or even heard of before.

My favourites so far:

  • The Yellow Balloon by Charlotte Dematons: There are no words, the “reader” simply follows the yellow balloon across different countries all over the globe. The pictures are so detailed. I still haven’t finished the book.
  • The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew It Was None of His Business by by Werner Holzwarth and Wolf Erlbruch: This picture book tells the tale of a little mole who wakes up one morning only to have one of the other animals “do its business” on his head. The mole then sets out to track down the culprit and the reader learns how different animals “do their business”. Great story that I think will captivate the curious toddler that is being potty trained.
  • Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson: Otto the bear lives in a book and is happiest when his story is being read. Otto is no ordinary storybook character: when no one is looking, he comes to life. When people discard his book, he goes in search of new readers. I love the essence of this charming tale: books are made to be read and not discarded. Without a reader a character is… well… lonely.

These are the ones I’ll start off with reading to him. I’m curious to find out if my son has the same tastes or if he’ll have totally different favourites. Soon we’ll probably be discovering new picture books and, after that, new children’s stories together. I simply can’t imagine he’ll not enjoy reading as much as I do.



10 thoughts on “Discovering a Whole New Genre

  1. There is something to be said for chewing on the corners of pages. I can see it as a new reviewer trend, although the jury might be out on whether it’s the equivalent of thumbs up or down.

  2. A classic that even I remember…M.W. Brown, ” Goodnight Moon”. Published in 1947 this a bedtime story filled with wonderful illustrations! It is good to hear how many wonderful books there are to teach a child the joy of reading!

  3. Get some board or cloth books, ones that have tactile sensation and an assortment of finger activities. And that can be put in the mouth without disastrous results.

    Some of my son’s favorites were: “Bear Snores On,” “Ten Minutes to Bedtime,” and “Hug.” But there are sooooo many wonderful kids books out there. I had a fabulous time discovering them with my son. Have fun!

    1. I do have a few board and cloth books, but there is no real reading out loud and seeing how he responds to the plot and characters. I can’t wait till he can follow a story line and that I get to see his reaction and discover new stories with him instead of for him, like I’m doing now…
      And thanks for the suggestions.

      1. I see what you mean. In the meantime, by reading and talking to him, he’s surrounded by language and learning how to put it all together. It won’t be long before he’s letting you know which books he loves and wants to read again and again and again….

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