My Private Library


Our house is littered with Magic cards and I don’t mean an odd hundred or something. One shelf in a bookcase has already been sacrificed to store them (with another two shelves for non-Magic related games) and this is still not enough. There’s a drawer that, if I remember correctly, contains the not so important ones. Then there’s this plastic box filled with even more cards and there are the random piles near the computer, on other shelves and between books.

A New Level

My husband had this marvellous idea of organising the cards in the drawer, that way he’d know what kind of cards he actually has. Thus he started to alphabetise the white and black coloured ones and not even half way through, he got fed up. Not me. This is the kind of stuff that I can do for hours.

IMAG0376I’ve even suggested to put all the names into an excel sheet, that way he’d know exactly what cards he had and how many each of a specific card. I always knew I’m not entirely normal. He knew this too. Only he just discovered a whole new level of insanity that he previously just suspected to be there. I didn’t end up typing an excel sheet, which is a shame really.


This desire to categorize and alphabetise is something that I’ve always had. (And, in my defense, my dad does it too for my mum’s CDs and books.) For the last couple of weeks I’ve been playing with the idea of making another Goodreads account, a private one that will contain all the books that I presently have on my shelves. Being able to scan the books is going to be a lot easier than typing them into Excel sheets and keeping the list up-to-date won’t be much of a problem either, since I don’t have to turn on the laptop.

I won’t go as far as putting little stickers on the spine of the book to inform myself whether they’re crime, romance or horror fiction. But I wouldn’t mind putting them back alphabetically. Unfortunately, I’ll  be the only one doing this, so it’s probably not going to last very long.

~ Cecile


8 thoughts on “My Private Library

  1. Hi Jilanne,
    I’ll do that too 🙂 I just finished organising the first 3,000 cards. I think I’ve done about a third of the entire collection. But I think I’ll switch to my books next. I don’t want to get bored 🙂

  2. Here is a word from the said husband and owner of the cards.

    Magic the Gathering is a collectible card game. There are many thousand different cards you can collect and/or play with. It is unlike a ‘normal’ deck of cards since each card has it’s own specific ruling on them. It’s a great game. That said, it’s also an overpriced obsession.

    And a small status update, since Cecile wrote this post, she has started up that excel sheet with all the cards.

      1. Hi Jillanne,

        I won’t give a detailed description of the rules, mainly because that will take way too long. The basic is that each player builds a deck of 60 cards form the cards he has. Every player has 20 life and draws 7 cards at the beginning of the game. Every player will then rotate a turn in which they can use the cards in their hands to do cool stuff, like summoning creatures, casting spells, gaining resources (all written on the cards) and use those to reduce the life total of the other player to 0.

        And ofcourse, collectiong them is also much fun 🙂

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