The morning after my recent wedding felt quite unreal, not only the idea of being married but, also, the gigantic suite we’d spent the night in. There was a desk that I would have used as a dinner table, and a closet that was high and deep enough to stand, sit – and since I’m not that tall – sleep in. I had secretly hoped being married would change something, but everything seemed quite similar like it would have had a week ago. There wasn’t much time to reminiscence about the big day since we’d quite some things to do before heading out for the airport.

On Time
I don’t like to miss the bus or the train, and I prefer to be a bit on the early side when meeting with someone for the first time, especially when I don’t know the place. (Although I do the same thing even when I do know the place and the person.) So you can imagine what it’s like when I need to catch a plane. We were early, ridiculously early, but we were on time.

Typewriters and Notebooks
On our first day in Dublin we explored the city and decided more or less what we were going to do over the next few days. We decided to visit the museums on Tuesday, so on that morning we set off to the National Museum of Ireland. After spending about an hour or so, I got a bit impatient and we left to the Dublin Writers Museum instead. Unfortunately, it had a rather prominent sign telling us not to make photos, so for once I didn’t. There were two rooms on the ground floor, which seemed to me something I’d walk through in no-time. Luckily the audio tour prevented me from rushing from one cabinet to the next. The cabinets contained letters written by the authors, first editions, and other objects.

Cré  na Cille
On the first floor was the reading room and the cabinets were filled with first editions. My all time favourite – and the only Irish book written as far as I saw – Cré na Cille by Máirtín Ó Cadhain, was also on display. I’ve got a copy at home still waiting to be translated, though that has turned into a  long term project. In the end we spent nearly two hours in the museum. The shop did help here. There were a lot of books, though I restrained myself and decided not to buy anything. If you ever find yourself in Dublin, the museum is worthwhile to pay a visit to.



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