Sharing our Shelves

A while ago writers Jilanne Hoffmann and Nick Owchar asked people to show their shelves. Below a glimps of Sofia and Vanessa’s bookshelves.

Discovering the world

Vanessa's bookshelves

The book shelves in my living room, hold, apart from an array of books, our most prized souvenirs from our vacations: a boomerang from Australia, cigar box from Cuba, carved elephant from Kenia, sand collection from the United Arab Emirates and so much more.

As for our books, it is a mix of my and my husband’s tastes: all the biographies, history and management books are his and all the fiction is mine. (He doesn’t read fiction – at all!  Opposites attract?) And since the birth of our son, children’s books have been added in anticipation of the day we can really read to him.


Guilty Pleasure

Sofia's bookshelves

I collect books, and I can’t seem able to throw them away, it is a bit of a hording mania. My computer is smack dab in the middle of the shelves, I tried getting a good angle to get all the shelves and bookcases but my apartment is just too small to get a good panoramic picture, so this one is just to give an idea. I’ve got books in Spanish, English and Dutch; fiction, non-fiction and several coffee-table books that have no coffee table to be put on. I dream of one day having a house with a library that is large enough to warrant a ladder, but for now I think I’ll just go find myself a nice coffee table.



4 thoughts on “Sharing our Shelves

  1. Wow, Vanessa! I love the way you’ve literally surrounded yourselves with books! I’ll add your link to the others I have listed on our my site. I think it’s also interesting how we keep various treasured mementos of our travels mixed in with the beloved books. The two are inextricably intertwined, aren’t they? Thanks for playing!

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