Almost Believing in the Unbelievable

I love fantasy stories, although, to be be honest: I don’t actually believe in magic or ghosts or the supernatural. My suspension of disbelief simply has a long stretch, allowing me to enjoy all fantasy stories.

Of course, there are those moments when I do doubt about “what’s out there.” The other evening I was walking my dog and, wait… there are two things you need to know first about her!

One: she doesn’t bark. When we bought our little Jack Russell puppy home, my husband and I were determined not to have one of those dogs that yap all the time, especially at every leaf that sways in the wind. The result of our determination is a dog that never barks. Not even when chasing the birds in our backyard.

Two: she loves everybody. Her tail is constantly wagging during her walks, even when we pass the scruffy, tobacco-drenched, middle-aged man that constantly walks around our neighborhood muttering to himself.

So back to a few evenings ago, I was on our regular evening walks when she started growling. At first it was just a low toned rolling growl and then it was an outright bark. She was tense with tail high and stiff in the air. She was looking at one spot and when we passed it, she kept her focus there. So? Well, there was nothing nor anyone there!

That’s when my imagination takes flight. Is she seeing/sensing something that I simply can’t see. A ghost? A magician with invisibility powers? An extraterrestrial? I can’t stop the hairs at the back of my neck from standing on end. Even if it’s just for a moment. Entire characters with their own stories are created in my mind right then and there, just around the corner of my house.

At those moments, I can’t wait for my dog to poop so I can go home and write.



3 thoughts on “Almost Believing in the Unbelievable

  1. I had an unexplainable experience like that as well. I was out walking and heard footsteps clopping behind me. The hair stood up on the back of my neck and when I turned around, nothing was there. I think it was a deer, but how did he vanish through the brush on either side of the road without me hearing him? Still can’t explain that.

  2. Interestingly, about a year ago, driving back towards Penrith from Keswick, the two of us saw a figure cross the road in front of us which faded away as it got to our side of the road. The motorist coming the other way also saw it and jammed on his brakes. I put an account on my blog at put Keswick to Penrith Road Ghost in the search

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