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I Should but Probably Won’t Until It’s too Late


“Do you want to make a backup of your files?”

“Yes. No. Ask me again later.”

Every now and then my computer gives me this option. Very considerate, but it always occurs when I’m in a hurry to get an e-mail send before running out to go to my next appointment. So I ignore it and the voice in the back of my head, which says it would be wiser to have a copy of my work stored somewhere safe.

One Click Only

I’ve only made one backup on our desktop computer and that was five years ago. I’m not a huge fan of backups, since they’re practically outdated as soon as I’m finished. I haven’t given it much thought to update my backup until my laptop began to do funny things with its battery. Not charging, showing to be charging but actually not charging at all or showing not to have enough battery power while plugged. During those weeks, the little voice became stronger as my laptop’s behavior became more suspicious. It never came to the point of giving into that wise advice, however. My laptop is functioning properly again, thus that sound advice has returned to the bottom of my ‘I really should do this soon’ list’.  Of course, if I’d repeat the process once a month, it would minimize the difference between the original files and the backup. It’s just some extra work, work I’m most likely not going to do. I’m waiting for the technology to allow me to save documents simultaneously; one click yet saved on two different locations.

Lost Effort

Last week, that voice returned stronger than it has been in the last five years as one of my friends fell victim to burglary. Among the personal belongings that had been taken from her place was her laptop. Uncertain if she’d ever retain it again, she decided it was best to delete all her files through iClouds. I don’t think it’s even possible for me to delete my files without being physically behind my laptop, but the idea of losing everything I worked on for the past few years, the stories, the essays, the numerous photos, it just isn’t very appealing.

Knowing Better

The necessity of making a back-up has become considerably more favourable. However, I’ve got to prevent myself from treating it in a similar way as I do smoking and drinking. Regardless of it being unhealthy, the occasional drink and smoke is really something I like to do. I know postponing making a copy of my most important files is something I’m going to regret when it’s too late.

“Do you want to make a backup of your files?

Yes. No. Ask me again later.”

Next time I’m asked this question I think I’m going with ‘Yes’.