Now What?

Nearly three weeks have passed since NaNoWriMo ended.  It seems like ages though.  As expected, the sharp edges are already disappearing, leaving behind only a softened impression of hard work, long days and a satisfying feeling of passing the 50k word barrier.  (When I validated my words, it turned out to be over 54k in total.  Unbelieving, I double checked, but it turned out to be genuine.)

In the end, I decided to stick to the same topic as last year.  I let go of some precious darlings I had been dead set on maintaining, despite the feedback of my writers’ group.  (I have spent quite some rewrites on the early chapters, but each time I was sent back to the drawing board.)  I’m rather pleased now about how it turned out.  There is still quite some work ahead of me, of course, but it feels more promising this time around.

Time off

The good thing is that today marks the start of my holidays, and writing and editing is ranking topmost at my: “I really want to do this” list.  This is closely followed by reading and singing.  But taking the “have to do” list into account, I’m afraid a fortnight isn’t going to be close to enough to fimish the story or edit 54k words.  So in order to keep on working on my ideas, I hope to turn January and February into two small NaNoWriMos, not that I fancy writing another 50,000 words, but writing a bit each day would be nice.  And turning the words already written into several polished chapters will be most rewarding.



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