The Curious Chronicle of the Letter C

I like dictionaries and their websites are just as much fun.

The website of the Dutch dictionary Van Dale has polls, grammar explanations and links to the word of the day, but the site is rather sober., on the other hand, has snippets of fun facts on words and grammar and letters, and its far more engaging… at least I think it is.

I came across the following blog post:


The Curious Chronicle of the Letter C.


I knew there was something special about the letter C.







One thought on “The Curious Chronicle of the Letter C

  1. Interesting link. Thank you for this, though I would like to point out that, despite evidence to the contrary, the English language, its spelling and letter/sound correspondence, is actually much more regular than is commonly supposed, it’s just that there are several ‘regularities’ according to linguistic influences. It is because of this fact that it is so easy to play with the language, either for personal satisfaction, to obscure what is being said, or simply to confound the poor foreigner who is trying to come to terms with a language that seems to change the rules halfway through a word. (I offer My Fair Lady, pronounced success as an example). On a more personal note, as my mother’s name was Cecilia, I too think there is something special about the letter C.

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