Katherine Heiny’s ‘Single, Carefree, Mellow’ Is Out Today

Katherine Heiny, personal friend of Cecile’s Writers, has her new and much anticipated short story collection Single, Carefree, Mellow released today by publisher Knopf.  We are thrilled for her success and happy to be included in the acknowledgments.  She also has a short and wonderful interview in The New York Times here.

Single Carefree MellowI find Heiny’s writing to be crisp and always hits the nail on the head.  Most memorable of all is the quirky humour and sometimes incredible situations her characters are in.  Reviewers so far are mixed in their opinions, yet all are positive.  The most discernible criticism I encountered so far from others is that the brevity of the stories result in a touch-and-go feeling with the characters, readers then complain that the characters don’t remain with them once they finish reading.  I would, however, interject and say that is the brilliance of situational stories, that the circumstances (and humour) are paramount, resulting in scene after scene of action.  If this means the characters stop at the end of the story, it’s because the stories are readable again and again.

timthumbAlthough not a part of her debut collection, Heiny did publish the short story The Absolute Truth Machine with us in our first edition.  You can read it and have a taste of Heiny’s flawless writing.

Samir Rawas Sarayji


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