A Total Paper Book Lover

Vanessa's bookshelvesI choose bringing extra books instead of extra shoes when I go on holiday.  My husband, however, is more modern.  He simply takes his e-reader filled with a dozen books, giving him ample choice while sitting by the swimming pool.

I know all the advantages of an e-reader: lightweight, adaptable font size, etc.  I even know that they are technologically well created, your eyes won’t tire as they do when reading on a regular screen.  And yet, I can’t give up my paper books.  There’s something special about curling up on the couch with a paper book: the smell, the heft, the feel.  It’s more than just nostalgia speaking!  A heavy book lets you feel the weight of a long story.  I love being able to see and feel the thickness of the book, as it gives me a better idea of where I am in a story.  When it’s exciting and I still have half a book to go, it reads differently than when I still have ten pages to go.  On an e-reader, all these tangible feelings are lost.

Paperless Living Room?

I also love a room with a completely filled bookcase.  It feels like home and like a promise of grand adventures all rolled into one.  What would the living room look like of someone who only reads eBooks?  A paperless bookcase or perhaps even worse, a bookcase filled with books for show, their creaseless spines shining with loneliness of not having been read.

I can’t imagine reading to my sons with an e-reader in my hands.  My youngest still eats them or tears out the pages, but I can already read to my oldest.  He wants to turn the pages, run his fingers over the images.  Sometimes he holds one side and I the other.  The book, as well as the story, binds us.  I want to keep this amazing experience.

So, to everyone their own, but for me it’s still paper books, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.




4 thoughts on “A Total Paper Book Lover

  1. Well said. I actually dislike reading on my Kindle – I don’t retain what I read and don’t know where I am. There’s research now that suggests that our brains process the content differently.

  2. I have over 6000 paper books, and around 150 e-Books. Speaks for itself really. One of the paper books, from 1896, is the only book my father ever owned. It just wouldn’t be the same as a stream of electrons.

  3. Paper books for me, too! I have a Kindle, and I do read on it, but I’ll always choose a paper book to read over an e-copy if possible. I can’t imagine not having books on display in my house, either. I think a well-organised bookcase is a thing of beauty.

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