Our Digital Writers’ Café

Workplace_EpicantusWhen we were still at uni, Cecile, Sofia and I would meet up in the library, study hall or café to write together, or better said, we would sit together and each work on our own story.  This motivated us to write, and we wrote a lot!  We could pick each other’s brain if we got stuck, or have a little break from writing and laugh together.

But… times have changed.  We no longer live, study or work in the same city any more, and having children means we are a lot less mobile.  So where to find the time, energy or motivation to write?  The days slip by and the number of unwritten stories in my brain pile up.


Well, we seem to have found a solution.  We now have a digital meeting one evening a week via Google Hangouts.  We don’t waste time having to go somewhere, but we can motivate each other to make time to write.  It’s a bit like sports: if your friends are waiting for you, you’re more likely to get up and do it.  Or in our case, sit down and do it.  And it helps that we’re three, because if one of us can’t make it, the other two will still meet up and write.

Just sitting down to write for two hours straight is great.  It might not seem like a lot but it’s enough to get a story going, and that in turn motivates me to write at other times in the week on my own.  It would be nicer to be together in person of course, but this is better than not meeting at all or not writing.  I can recommend it to anyone struggling to find the time to write.

Just remember: “You can’t wait for inspiration.  Inspiration is waiting for you.”

Good writings, everyone.



2 thoughts on “Our Digital Writers’ Café

  1. What a great idea! I have occasional write-a-thons, where I make a big pot of soup or chili and a pot of coffee and have an open house for friends to just sit and write, but this is a great way to get motivated from a distance.

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