Friday the 13th

©Bonnybxx @ pixabay.comThis year there are three Friday the 13ths.  The first one was in February, the second is today and the third will be in November.  Three Fridays to avoid ladders, black cats, breaking mirrors (that’s generally a good idea), and opening umbrellas while being indoors.  The list of things that are best to be postponed is long, depending on how serious you take it.

Jeopardizing the Future

The superstition about umbrellas is one I enjoy in particular.  They’re handy objects on rainy days, but they can bring some bad luck, too, by opening them indoors, or picking them up after dropping them.  And apparently, umbrellas aren’t gift material either.  (I wonder if I should be worried. I ended up with one at my wedding.  Although I’m not sure it was actually a gift; it was in a plastic wrapper, but not wrapped as a gift.)

Another one I should have known before getting married is that as a single woman you should never drop your umbrella, the chances of getting married in the future will be in jeopardy.  It’s an interesting take for  a story.

Got You

Mirrors are mystic, eerie and practical.  As an object they are hard to avoid.  Even if you refuse to have one at home, nearly all bathrooms in public spaces have them.  I have at least five of them, and use them especially in the morning.  It’s good to know I don’t leave the house with toothpaste somewhere smeared on my face (or somewhere I’m positive I didn’t put it, but it still miraculously appears).

Besides having positive attributes like reflecting  positive energy, doubling your health, increasing your happiness  and warding off unwanted spirits, mirrors have also less fortunate effects.  For instance, mirrors are able to capture the wandering souls of the sick and the lost souls of the dead.  It was believed that during sickness, the souls of the patients were prone to leave the body.  To prevent these hapless souls from being trapped, the mirrors in the room and house of a patient were covered.  And to assist them, windows were kept open.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

In stories, mirrors play dubious roles, and are sometimes downright creepy (think of the story Bloody Mary).  But even in Snow White, the mirror isn’t exactly ordinary.  And that’s what I don’t like about them.

Despite my common sense, that the chance of witnessing horrifying, screaming faces are low, I still don’t like to enter my bathroom in the dark. The lights are always switched on before going in.  It feels more comfortable that way.

Story Material

Still, superstitions can work quite nicely as characteristics of characters, act as muses for writing, or function as writing prompts.

Best of luck today!



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