The Shadow of a Story

cponte_brick_wellI was looking through my folder of stories for the one I had started this week and I came across a document name that was unfamiliar to me: The Well. It was last modified in February 2012. I opened it to find one short paragraph:

She pulled the vines away. With her fingers she traced the lines etched into the bark. It was a complex pattern but one line was a semi-circle starting and ending at the floor. She took a few steps back for a better view. Yes, she was sure. It was a door.

All of sudden, I vaguely remember writing this. But where was I going with this story? What did I want to say? It feels like just waking up from a dream. You remember that you had a great adventure but all that remain is a vague feeling, all details gone.

What a loss!

Anyone else ever experience this?



3 thoughts on “The Shadow of a Story

  1. Aw, I hate when that happens! It happens to me all the time. I always think I’ll remember my story ideas and then completely forget it if I don’t do an outline. Hang onto the paragraph though. Maybe it will come back at some unexpected time, like when you’re sleeping, and then you’ll have to jump out of bed and write. 🙂

  2. ALL THE TIME. I have some amazing little snippets tucked away here and there I randomly come across… I love when that happens because I start to build on it again.

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