Things You Can Do to Books Besides Reading Them

Like most fellow book readers, my read books end up on my bookcase waiting there to be reread again.  Yet there’s always this small pile of books that I don;t plan on rereading, and that no one wants.  I’ve had friends browse through them; I’ve posted them on the Dutch version of Amazon – Marktplaats – but without any luck; I’ve even tried the secondhand bookshop and they didn’t want them.  They did offer their bin to dispose of them, but that was just too big a step to take.   Now they’re waiting in a huge blue bag underneath the bed, for their final destination, whatever that may be.

So what to do with books that are no longer wanted?  I shouldn’t have been surprised, yet I was, when I learned that there’s a whole arsenal of possibilities.

Books as purses for keys and phones

Now this one isn’t for me.  Not because of what it does to the books, but because I’m not a clutch kind of person.  I tend to lose things.  I’m bound to put these things in a most sensible place, but I’ll end up forgetting where that place is.  Nevertheless, if I would need one, I think turning a book into a clutch is rather neat idea.


Book clutch


Book pot evergreens

I love gardens.  I’m not too keen on keeping plants myself, since they don’t often survive my forgetting to water them.  But I do enjoy walking through gardens, and since I don’t have a garden, I currently make do with a roof terrace.  So these book pots are probably better suited for the indoors only, after all, they are still books. For instructions on how to make these see HGTV

Book plant
Book and plants


Other fun alternative things that can be made with books was compiled into a nice video by TopTenz




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