XMAS Writing Prompts

by Daria Nepriakhina

The Xmas season is a joyful period, usually associated with love, happy memories and companionship. It is a boisterous time while we plan ahead for holiday requests, managing absences, and family reunions or parties. Afterwards, we usually have more time for the activities we have put aside during the working months and the build up to Xmas. Thus, it can be a great opportunity to get creative and have fun writing.

The act of writing gives us the chance to organize our thoughts. During a time as hectic as the holiday season, it is good to step back and think about one’s own reasons for celebrating—as well as to savor all of those special moments. We can write in the style of stream-of-consciousness, with few restrictions, or we can adopt more structure like a journal entry with length recommendations or suggestions for details to include. The main goal should be to lose our inhibitions and to write for the sake of writing. Once we get the hang of letting our thoughts flow, we can really enjoy it.

So if you are able, somehow, miraculously, to write during the Xmas holidays, then maybe these prompts can help:

  1. ‘Look!’ she said, laughing awkwardly and pointing to the mistletoe above their heads…


  1. I found myself trapped inside a snow globe…


  1. A nicely wrapped present shakes furiously under the Christmas tree…


Nesrin Nazlieva is a Psychology student at Erasmus University.  She decided to follow the example of her predecessors who, back in 1460, left the Karamanid beylik and immigrated to Bulgaria.  Instead of Bulgaria, however, she chose the Netherlands.  Her short story with a not so short title ‘The Story of a Wanderer Who Traveled the World in Search of His Hat’ earned her a second place in one of the most prestigious national literary contests in 2015.  When she is not glued to a book, she spends time working out in the garden, learning Spanish, and trying very hard not to be the worst player at Ludo.