12th Edition Cecile’s Writers Magazine: Elements of Literature

© inna dee via flickr.comOn a dry and windy day in January 2012, Cecile, Samir, Sofia and Vanessa walked out of the notary’s office in Rotterdam, nervous and excited at having registered officially as a foundation. Now more than five years later, we are still up and running and barely managing to cope with the influx of submissions.

We are privileged to meet writers from all over the world with such varied backgrounds.  This edition is long overdue, since our special poetry edition in October.  In these pages you will find, for the first time, poetry intermingled with flash fiction, stories and essays.


10th Edition Cecile’s Writers Magazine: The Joy of Growth

Our tenth edition contains two new flash fictions, two short stories, a personal essay and an interview with Vyvyan Fox, an upcoming writer whose first publication was here on CWM in our very first edition.


Open for Drama

Attention Playwrights:

Courtesy of thisstage.la

We are looking for your original work.  CWM is open for drama, so send us your best, polished plays.  Ideally we would like one-act plays, but longer pieces will be considered.

Please read our submission guidelines to make sure we give your submission the critical attention it deserves.


CW team

Closed for Poetry

Dear Poets,

closed-sign-label_1046-9As of midnight 31st March we are closed for poetry submissions.  Thank you to all who submitted their amazing work to us, we can assure you we didn’t expect to receive such outstanding work.  Because of your trust in our publication, we can now proudly say we look forward to publishing your poems this summer.

To those whose poems weren’t accepted, please still think of us and submit to us again once we are open for poetry.  Like all publications, we had to be selective and the competition was strong.

Stay tuned…

CW editors team

9th Edition Cecile’s Writers Magazine: Discovering New Genres

Our ninth edition contains two new flash fictions—Shower Break by Russian Maria Shanina shows us how valuable a mother’s shower time is; and Kuwaiti Haitham Alsarraf exhibits the universal ceremonial repetitiveness for prayer in his vignette Friday Mosque.  In her personal essay Ful and Falafel, Sarah Osman shows the friction that arises from the clash between American and Egyptian culture.  Matt Smith’s short story Faux Pas explores the thin line between expressing opinions and racial discrimination. Plus an interview with Nigerian author Abubakar A. Ibrahim.


New Year Wishes and Submissions Updates

(Courtesy of S273s @ en.wikipedia.org)

Happy New Year!

Thank you for helping CW magazine grow and sending in your stories and essays in 2015.  We have enjoyed another year of working on the magazine and the website, bringing you stories from all over the world by intercultural writers—both beginners and veterans.

We have open submissions for the foreseeable future in Flash Fiction, Short Stories, Novelettes, Novel excerpts, Personal Essays & Memoirs.

We also have two new categories open: Plays (drama) and Poetry!

For poetry, submissions close on the 31st of March, so hurry and send in your poems.  We hope to publish the first poems on CW Magazine’s pages in the beginning of summer.

Please read the  guidelines carefully before submitting and make sure your submission qualifies for our publication (Note: poetry guidelines are on a separate page).  We hope to read your work soon.

All the best for 2016 and keep writing,

CW Team

8th Edition Cecile’s Writers Magazine: An Eclectic Mix

Our eighth edition contains an eclectic mix of literature in this edition, including an interview with award-winning editor and writer Tara L. Masih. Two personal essays by Christine Stoddard and Paul Sohar—as distinct as can be in terms of voice and content. We also bring you fiction by Turkish-American Adnan Adam Onart and British-Irish Clive Collins.


CWM Is Open for Poetry from 1st January till 31st March

We are happy to announce that Cecile’s Writers’ Magazine is accepting Poetry Submissions from the 1st of January until the 31st of March 2016. We intend to begin publishing poetry in our magazine in the summer of 2016. Therefore, the poems that are accepted will remain with us for a longer duration than usual, before they are online.

If you are interested in submitting poetry, see the submission guidelines for poetry for more details.


CW team.