The Britishisms Are Coming

I recently read an article on the BBC that talks about Britishisms creeping into American English. I found it interesting considering that for years all the attention has been on all the Americanisms used by Brits.

[Side note: my spell check knows the word Americanisms but puts a squiggly red line under Britishisms.]

What I loved most in the article, was that the influence of some of the words came from a book. A children’s book no less. Of course, the book is Harry Potter: Read More


So Many Books So Little Time

Every now and then I read one of “the classics”, partly because of the saying that to become a better writer one needs to be a better reader. There’s always a reason why a classic has become a classic and it’s worth reading. But where to begin?

If I need inspiration I look at the BBC’s Big Read list. With the help of viewers, the BBC compiled a list of the nation’s 200 best-loved novels of all time. The list was compiled ten years ago, but it’s still a great source for inspiration: Read More