Should blog posts be long or short?

One aspect about blogging that has been on my mind lately is: the frequency of posting vs. the content and length of the post.

If you’ve been following me in the past months, you’d notice that I occasionally write short posts but that more usually, I write quite long ones. Most of my posts are longer than 500. At the moment, I’m thinking: no wonder I don’t post that often.

I don’t usually go around blogs to see how long they are. I just pick one that catches my fancy and read it. I mean if I’m going to read a post then it has my entire attention. I like short and long posts and all sizes in between. But I must admit that sometimes I just can’t keep on reading because some posts are like a newsletter that go on and on and on. And some posts seem to have been cut off at a certain word count where I’m left wanting more.

A blog that got me thinking of this was ElizaGreen’s blog post How to Write a Killer Blog Post where she deals with this issue. Great post, short and to the point.  And with that in mind I’ll keep it short (for a change).

What do you think about it, are your posts long and lasting or short and sweet?