Cecile’s Writers Anthology: The Voices of Many Lands

Cecile’s Writers proudly presents its first anthology. This anthology bundles stories, personal essays, and poems written by authors from all over the world and were first published in Cecile’s Writers Magazine. Each editor has personally selected their favourite works for you to enjoy – including works by Katherine Heiny and Abubakar Adam Ibrahim.

You can buy the anthology for €18,99 on bol.com: https://www.bol.com/nl/p/the-voices-of-many-lands/9200000104094381/

Kind regards,
Cecile, Samir, Sofia, and Vanessa

New Year Wishes and Submissions Updates

(Courtesy of S273s @ en.wikipedia.org)

Happy New Year!

Thank you for helping CW magazine grow and sending in your stories and essays in 2015.  We have enjoyed another year of working on the magazine and the website, bringing you stories from all over the world by intercultural writers—both beginners and veterans.

We have open submissions for the foreseeable future in Flash Fiction, Short Stories, Novelettes, Novel excerpts, Personal Essays & Memoirs.

We also have two new categories open: Plays (drama) and Poetry!

For poetry, submissions close on the 31st of March, so hurry and send in your poems.  We hope to publish the first poems on CW Magazine’s pages in the beginning of summer.

Please read the  guidelines carefully before submitting and make sure your submission qualifies for our publication (Note: poetry guidelines are on a separate page).  We hope to read your work soon.

All the best for 2016 and keep writing,

CW Team