Flexible Instruments: Writing in Different Genres

About our guest blogger:

Joe L. Murr has lived on every continent except Antarctica.  He now divides his time between the Netherlands and Finland.  His stories have been published in magazines such as Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Chizine, Noir Nation and here at Cecile’s Writers, and are forthcoming in Helsinki Noir (Akashic Books) and The Summer of Lovecraft (Chaosium).  For more stories and ruminations, visit www.joelmurrauthor.com

Flexible Instruments: Writing in Different Genres

Every act of definition means imposing limitations.

Case in point: consider “genre fiction.”  Take a moment.  Define it.

All done?

Now define “literary fiction.”

Okay.  Keep those definitions in mind.  Let’s roll.

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Samir’s Worst Books of 2012

There’s a sad side to being a book lover – namely that not all books are a great read and there’ll always be a few that don’t encourage me in any way to finish reading them. As the years pass by, I come across fewer unreadable books or to be more precise, I avoid books I think are badly written or are just plot based page turners or are simply hyped (The Da Vinci Code and Fifty Shades of Grey come to mind), which I know I wouldn’t enjoy reading.

The Ones that Didn’t Cut It

In 2012, I started but didn’t complete a total of four books. What these four titles share in common is that they are all genre based and monotonous. Read More