The Britishisms Are Coming

I recently read an article on the BBC that talks about Britishisms creeping into American English. I found it interesting considering that for years all the attention has been on all the Americanisms used by Brits.

[Side note: my spell check knows the word Americanisms but puts a squiggly red line under Britishisms.]

What I loved most in the article, was that the influence of some of the words came from a book. A children’s book no less. Of course, the book is Harry Potter: Read More


What’s Mightier, the Pen or… the Computer?

I always write my stories using a computer. I may jot down fragments of a story on a piece of paper, but in the end, my first draft is completed on the digital screen.

Apparently, I’ve been doing this for as long as I’ve been writing fiction. A few months ago, my grandfather showed me a film he’d made of me when I was about eight. On it you see me sitting at a computer with a black screen and green lettering. I was typing up a conversation between a fox and an owl. I remember that being one of the first stories I’d ever written. I suppose that’s proof enough.

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