14th Edition Cecile’s Writers Magazine: Love and Loss

The themes of love and loss burn like wildfire in this collection.  Our intercultural authors bring you stories and poems rife with powerful imagery.  These are not romantic notions of love or loss, but the gut-wrenching stuff of everyday life that we are all too familiar with.

We hope you enjoy this collection.
Cecile, Samir, Sofia & Vanessa



Opinion: To Hell and Back… the Direction of U.S. Literary Fiction

Courtesy of Worthy of EleganceOriginally I planned to start the article talking about ebooks.  Talking about the Internet.  I was going to quote Calvino’s Six Memos for the Next Millennium.  I was going to say that more people are reading on screens than ever before, and that bloated, antiquated conceptions about “the novel” would have to change to meet the new ways in which we read.  This isn’t that article.  That one is still rattling around in my head somewhere, and I think it would’ve turned out pretty alright in the end.  But that’s not the article I’m writing right now.

This is going to be something else entirely, because, as of this writing, Donald Trump has been President Elect of the United States of America for five days.  In the first 72 hours alone there have been an alarming spike in incidents of hate across the U.S.  Protesters pour into the streets.  The tension is like nothing I’ve seen before, and I’m watching at a distance, seeing it all unfold from an ocean away.  It’s got me scared.  It’s got me angry.  And it’s got me—once I finally managed to shut the news and close Facebook and sat down to write this article—thinking about how truly irrelevant literary fiction has become in American culture at large. Read More

Flexible Instruments: Writing in Different Genres

About our guest blogger:

Joe L. Murr has lived on every continent except Antarctica.  He now divides his time between the Netherlands and Finland.  His stories have been published in magazines such as Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Chizine, Noir Nation and here at Cecile’s Writers, and are forthcoming in Helsinki Noir (Akashic Books) and The Summer of Lovecraft (Chaosium).  For more stories and ruminations, visit www.joelmurrauthor.com

Flexible Instruments: Writing in Different Genres

Every act of definition means imposing limitations.

Case in point: consider “genre fiction.”  Take a moment.  Define it.

All done?

Now define “literary fiction.”

Okay.  Keep those definitions in mind.  Let’s roll.

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The Whispering Trees by Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

The Whispering TreesThe Whispering Trees is a debut collection of stories, published by Parresia Publishers in Nigeria, showcasing a young writer’s command of the short story form. In no way pretentious or structurally formulaic, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim seems to be searching for his distinctive style in this collection only to end up offering 12 stories that are each stylistically pleasing with engaging characters whom I could not help but identify with.

There are times when silence is more eloquent than poetry.

from Closure, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

Entertaining Literary Fiction

Another gift this writer has is stories that bleed excitement to the point of abandoning the literary and acquiring the entertainment label. Fortunately that point is never crossed, thus successfully creating stories of quality in terms of economy of language, characterization and layers of emotional depth, while simultaneously entertaining the reader with cultural nuances such as traditional superstitions, religious interpretations or family values. Read More